Purpose and Process

Our purpose and process presuppose God’s purpose and his process

God’s Purpose:

To reconcile all creature to Himself

God’s Process:
  1. To send Jesus Christ, His only Son, into the world
  2. To raise up believers and followers
  3. To build up the Body of Christ to do the work of His kingdom

Our Purpose:

Your Church seeks to work as a part of the Body of Christ, the Church, contributing to God’s work in this world.

To be a part of the Body of Christ and its work in the world

  1. To become true worshippers of God
  2. To set an example in forgiveness, love, and service
  3. To fulfill people’s Spiritual, psychological and physical needs

Our Process:
  1. Love and serve God
  2. Love and serve one another
  3. Love and serve this world

Your Church’s strategy:

1) To welcome the next generation of believers—as the “new wineskin”

The “new wineskin”
At Your Church we strive to be the kind of church that is open and welcoming to new believers of a younger generation. To this end, while holding onto the fundamentals of the faith, we will seek out new and innovative ways to reach and to engage the culture and its people

  • Withholding judgment based on a person’s outward appearances—various styles of clothing—as well as the way they speak
  • To be open to new styles of worship
  • To avoid using “church language” that is difficult to understand for those who haven’t grown up in the church
  • To create new worship songs that address the stylistic, rhythmic and linguistic needs of the younger generation
  • To learn to sacrifice and to give to those in need
    Through these steps, we hope that our church, a “new wineskin,” can help to raise up a new generation of believers.

2) To be a place of healing where people can be restored to spiritual health

3) To nurture believers, discovering the gifts and talents God has given

4) To send out workers for God’s kingdom—pastors, missionaries and others


Believing is not just an inward understanding or commitment, but the conviction that Jesus Christ is Lord and living in faith and obedience to Him. Worship, prayer and the study of scripture is foundational to belief. We are called to worship God with our lives, to pray without ceasing and to study the Word of God.

The leadership of this church seeks to guide its members according to the will of God. While church leaders are as human and as fallible as anyone else, they have been chosen and have been given a responsibility to nurture and to guide.

As a church, we will seek to grow spiritually through daily prayer and devotions and through involvement in various church activities.

Each member supports the work of the Body of Christ by tithing.

As members of the Church—the Body of Christ—we are called to 1) take initiative and to be involved in the works of the church, 2) to share the joy and grace that we have in Jesus Christ by loving those around us, sharing Christ with them and helping them to be reconciled to God.