Our Favorite Songs List

Song TitleCopy RightwriterKey
Abba Father VineyardC
Above All Michael W. SmithA
All heaven declares VineyardNoel & Tricia RichardsA
All I Have VineyardA
All in all A
All over the world VineyardTerry ButlerG
All the earth will sing your praises Paul BalocheD
Alleluia, He Is Coming VineyardDavid RuisD
Angels We Have Heard On High (Gloria) (Christmas)Public domains
AnointingyourchurchKadir MartinG
Arms of Love VineyardG
As the deer C
At The Cross E
Before you VineyardRandy ButlerEm
Breathe VineyardG
Change My Heart oh God VineyardC
Closer VineyardTerry ButlerC
Come and fill me up VineyardG
Come Holy Spirit VineyardC
Come into my heartyourchurchAndy NagaharaD
Come Now Is The Time To Worship VineyardBrian DoerksenD
Come Righr Now VineyardBill DobrenenC
Cry in My Heart StarfieldD
Deep Deep Love VineyardTerry ButlerE
Deep within my heart Richie FurayG
Draw Me Close VineyardE
Eternity VineyardBrian DoerksenA
Every move I make VineyardDavid RuisG
Exalt The Lord VineyardCindy RethmeierEm
Exodus XV VineyardD
Faithful One VineyardAndy ParkD
Father of lights VineyardJohn BarnettG
Father, I Love You, I Praise You, I adore you VineyardC
Father, I want you to love me VineyardF
Fear, no more (Japanese)yourchurchAndy NagaharaG
Following the shining star (Christmas)yourchurchAndy NagaharaG
For Your Mercy VineyardE
From my heart (Japanese)yourchurchAndy NagaharaD
Glory VineyardDanny DanielsG
Glory And Honor to God VineyardD
God of MercyVineyardEm
Good To Me VineyardG
HallelujahyourchurchAndy NagaharaEm
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Christmas)Public domains
Heal me (Japanese)yourchurchAndy NagaharaC
Hear my voice (Psalm 141) (Japanese)yourchurchAndy NagaharaD
Heart open wide Justin GravesA
Here I am to worship D
Hold Me VineyardJohn BarnettG
Hold me gentlyyourchurchAndy NagaharaDm
Holiness unto the Lord VineyardG
Holy and Anointed One VineyardG
Holy Is The Lord VineyardKelly GreenEm
Holy One VineyardC
Holy Spirit yourchurchKadir MartinF
Holy, Holy, Holy Public domainsD
Hosanna VineyardCarl TuttleG
How Lovely Is Your Face, Lord VineyardG
Hungry VineyardD
I believe in Jesus VineyardD
I could sing of your love forever D
I dedicate to YouyourchurchKadir MartinG
I Exalt Thee Pete Sanchez Jr.D
I Give Thanks VineyardG
I Just Want To Praise You VineyardF
I Just Want To Thank You VineyardG
I love you, I praise you yourchurchAndy NagaharaG
I need your holy spirityourchurchAndy NagaharaC
I offer my life Don MoenD
I only want to love You VineyardEddie EspinosaD
I sing praises to Your Name VineyardG
I want to be faithful VineyardTerry ButlerD
I want to be with you VineyardD
I Welcome YouyourchurchAndy NagaharaD
I will seek your will (Japanese)yourchurchAndy NagaharaD
I Will Lift My Hands VineyardC
I will magnify VineyardC
I will obeyyourchurchAndy NagaharaE
I will Serve you yourchurchAndy NagaharaD
I will worship VineyardE
I worship you VineyardCarl TuttleG
I worship you aloneyourchurchAndy NagaharaD
I'm in love with you VineyardD
If you say go VineyardD
Immanuel (Christmas)VineyardG
Isn't He VineyardJohn WimberG
It’s in youVineyardG
It’s your blood VineyardMichael ChristC
Jesus Lead On VineyardD
Jesus, You are my LightyourchurchAndy NagaharaG
Joy To The World (Christmas)Public domains
Just Like You Promised VineyardPatty KennedyC
Let It Rain VineyardG
Let my life be like a love song VineyardG
Let the words of my mouthD
Let Your Glory Fall VineyardG
Let Your healing love VineyardC
Light of the worldF
Light The Fire Again VineyardBrian DoerksenF
Lord Come This Christmas (Christmas)VineyardAndy ParkC
Lord, I lift Your Name on High VineyardG
Lord, I love You VineyardEddie EspinosaG
Love song to the creatoryourchurchKadir Martin
Make Yourself at HomeVineyardTony MIllerD
Merciful God VineyardD
More love, more power VineyardEm
My Best FriendyourchurchAndy NagaharaAm
My Everything VineyardD
My Jesus, I Love Thee VineyardE
My morning staryourchurchAndy NagaharaG
My Redeemer lives VineyardA
My saviors love VineyardG
My soul is waitng for youVineyardD
New dayyourchurchKadir MartinC
New heart and new spirit (Japanese)yourchurchAndy NagaharaD
O Come And See (Christmas)VineyardC
O come O come Emmanuel (Christmas)Public domains
O Come, all ye faithful (Christmas)Public domains
O Little Town of Bethlehem (Christmas)Public domains
Offering Paul BalocheF
Oh Holy Night (Christmas)Public domains
Oh Lord I love You forever VineyardG
Oh Lord, Have Mercy On Me VineyardCarl TuttleC
Oh my Lord JesusyourchurchMari IkedaG
One thing I ask VineyardG
One thing I desireAndy NagaharaC
Only you VineyardAndy ParkG
Only you are my GodyourchurchAndy NagaharaG
Open the eye of my heart MaranathaD
Our Praise Song yourchurchAndy NagaharaG
Over & Over Again VineyardD
Pour Out My Heart VineyardG
Praise Song VineyardJohn WimberF
Psalm 121 VineyardBrian DoekesenC
Psalm 139:7-10yourchurchKadir MartinD
Psalm of Thanks VineyardAndy ParkG
Psalm16:8yourchurchKadir MartinG
Refiner's Fire VineyardBrian DoerksenC
Remember Mercy Vineyard
Rock Of My Salvation VineyardBrent HelmingD
Silent Night (Christmas)Public domains
So Much You Have Given D
Song of SeepyourchurchAndy NagaharaG
Song Of Surrender VineyardJeff SearlesD
Spirit of God MaranathaHanneke JacobsC
Stand by Me C
Still Small Voice VineyardBrian DoerksenD
Sweet Mercies VineyardDavid RuisC
Take my Life VineyardScott UnderwoodG
Thank you for the Cross G
Thank You, JesusyourchurchAndy NagaharaG
The First Noel (Christmas)Public domains
The long loadyourchurchAndy NagaharaD
The Lord's Prayer yourchurchAndy NagaharaC
There's No One Like You VineyardEddie EspinosaD
This Is Love VineyardTerry Butler & Mike YoungE
To the ends of the earth HillsongG
Together VineyardC
Trust in the lordyourchurchKadir MartinC
Unashamed StarfieldE
Undivided heart VineyardG
We Believe In You VineyardEm
We Shall Not Be Moved Public domainsG
We welcome you, JesusyourchurchAndy NagaharaD
We Will Exalt You (Christmas)VineyardC
With your SpirityourchurchAndy NagaharaC
Yahweh VineyardAndy ParkD
Yet I Will Praise VineyardAndy ParkD
You are mighty VineyardAm
You Are My God VineyardJamie RichardsE
You are my hiding place Am
You are my King VineyardG
You are my king - Amazing Love Chris TomlinD
You are the Way ,the truth, the lifeyourchurchAndy NagaharaG
You are the vine VineyardD
You are worthy of my praise VineyardG
You Draw Me Closer VineyardBrent HelmingE
You have saved my soul (Japanese)yourchurchAndy NagaharaG
Your Beloved VineyardD
Your LoveyourchurchAndy NagaharaC
Your Love Flows Like A River VineyardA